Our Research

Exceptional research is a hallmark of Acuitas and is critical to our success. Our research approach is fundamentally based, forward-looking, and supplemented by quantitative analysis.

Focus - We focus on inefficient areas of the market where our managers will be able to exploit their skill to the fullest extent.

Robust idea generation - Our idea generation is a key part of our research. Early identification of great investment teams is particularly critical in inefficient markets, where products fill up quickly.

Deep, qualitative research - Frequent, robust discussion with the managers' investment teams aren't just important; we can't assess a manager without them. We spend time with each member of the team to allow us to assess the team's depth and improve our knowledge of the process, as well as to better understand team dynamics and culture.

Supplemental quantitative analysis - Acuitas conducts robust analysis of portfolio decisions, characteristics and return patterns. That said, analysis of historical returns and holdings means little without a qualitative understanding of how the team generated the returns, why the team bought and sold the stocks that they did and how those decisions fit within the process.