Acuitas was founded on the pillars of exceptional research, a focus on investment excellence and great client service. The investment professionals are recognized as industry leaders in investment manager research and multi-manager portfolio management.

We believe:

  • Certain markets are inherently less efficient.
  • Talented investment managers can exploit these inefficiencies.
  • Our expertise in identifying premiere investment managers is backed by extensive experience.
  • Inefficient markets warrant a dedicated allocation within a diversified investment portfolio.
  • Identifying great investment managers takes focused effort, experience and dedicated resources.
  • Early life-cycle, high conviction investment managers provide distinct advantages.
  • When investing with investment managers, constraints eat up returns.
  • Delayed decision-making can be costly.
  • Transparent pricing keeps investment managers open to a broader investment universe.
  • Properly resourced research teams with a singular focus provide the best insight.
  • Our interests must remain aligned with investors.
  • We are committed to delivering meaningful investment returns for our clients.
  • Avoiding conflicting ownership stakes and late-stage growth endeavors keeps investment managers client-focused.
  • Acuitas partners are invested alongside our clients.